1. Far more uplifting than the pages I’m writing right now. But still, an anthem is an anthem.


  2. christophersebela:

    Here it is, everything I’m doing this week at San Diego Comicon. You can find me at any of these places and I’ll sign whatever you want me to sign or give you a HIGH CRIMES button or arm wrestle you or hug you. You decide!

    THURSDAY (Nothing but Panels and Drinking)

    — Editing Comics the…

    If you’re going to be at SDCC later this week, come see Ibrahim and I on Friday (4-5pm) at the Comixology booth. We’ll be giving away limited edition HIGH CRIMES art cards (100 only) and buttons and signing stuff and saying hey.


  4. multiversitycomics:


    by Matthew Meylikhov

    We’ve been big fans of the Monkeybrain digital comic “High Crimes” by Chris Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa, and we were so excited to see the book get an Eisner nomination this year. It’s a well earned nomination for a great series (the first installment of which you can…


  5. cousinjenny said: most underrated comics, in your opinion, both past and present


    This is soooooo hard. A lot of things I love are appreciated already. 

    Before DC became The Actual Worst, I’d recommend the entire run of Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl. Never has there been a more complete run that is filled with a guiding ethos of redemption by way of hope, hard work, and determination. This series never got the love it deserved. Period the end.

    I feel like a lot of people shit on Casanova because they just don’t get it. It took me 3 tries to read the first book, but once I was at a certain point in my life, the book clicked. If you’re struggling and kind of hate yourself as well as everything around you, Fraction’s Casanova will probably speak to you on a molecular level. 

    Oh. Everything Bendis ever touched with Avengers on the title. All the complaining and bitching and moaning about the current run on titles? Bendis was right there. Making good stories. Complete stories. Long stories. Short stories. Different characters. Old dogs. New dogs. Those were some quality-ass books and I never wanted to set myself on fire.

    Ummmm. What else….. High Crimes from MonkeyBrain is hella good. Features a ridiculously awesome and flawed female lead, but none y’all* ever talking about Zan. Y’all only concerned with people that can fly or zap or wear spandex. 

    *y’all meaning everyone else, not you @socies