1. New shirts from Team High Crimes now available for pre-order in the store.

    This time around we’re debuting two new models, one HIGH CRIMES related (HAND OF GLORY) and one for all comics nerds everywhere (WERTHAM WAS RIGHT). We’re taking pre-orders on both shirts from now until Noon PST, Friday, July 5th.

    $20 a shirt. American Apparel or Hanes or Bella for the ladies. All sizes. No extra charge for larger shirts. These are custom screenprinted tees. Quality goods. We’ve also adjusted our shipping rates to make sense, so you overseas people can get more than one shirt and not break the bank.

    Here are some questions you might be asking:

    WHAT’S A PRE-ORDER?: The shirts will be available to buy until next Friday. You buy it, we get the money, we take the money you paid us and put in the order for the shirts.

    HOW LONG UNTIL I GET MY SHIRT?: The shirts take just under 2 weeks to get made, then a week to ship to us in Portland. We ship out all orders no more than 3 days after we get the shirts. So for Domestic folks, you get yours in just under a month. International shipping, as ever, will take mysteriously longer.

    WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR T-SHIRT RICHES?: All money goes into our pockets to keep us alive putting out more issues of HIGH CRIMES. Our comic sells for 99 cents an issue, with a lot of pie-splitting before the final amount gets to us, so merchandise helps keep us afloat.

    WHERE CAN I READ THAT COMIC?: Thanks for asking, you can check it out right here.

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    I love the description for the Wertham shirt: Celebrate the crazy proclamations of irrational old men and the...
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    Given that recent research has pretty conclusively shown that not only was Wertham not right, he blatantly and knowingly...
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    Today’s the last day to order a shirt, so we’ve extended the window to the end of the day and knocked 3 bucks off the...
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    Oh man, I simply must have that WERTHAM WAS RIGHT t-shirt.
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    That Wertham Was Right shirt is great.
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