1. High Crimes at Emerald City Comicon

    Hi there. Ibrahim and I will be manning table C-15 this weekend at ECCC up in Seattle. We will have things for sale.


    We will have the following for sale:

    - High Crimes buttons

    - Prints! The Movie Poster and The Crosshairs designs. Limited to 50 each.

    - High Crimes Con-Exclusive Collection. The first three issues of High Crimes printed on cardstock covers, with aged newsprint interior pages. 44 pages of comics. Limited to 100: once they’ve sold out, they are gone forever. Available at cons only.

    - Ibrahim will be selling prints and taking commissions.

    - I will be selling books, terrible sketches and, as ever, I’ll be taking commissions on short stories.


    We will also be signing/selling at the Monkeybrain booth (JJ-22). We will sign whatever, we will talk your ear off, we will arm wrestle you at the following times:

    Friday - 5 to 6pm

    Sunday 12 to 1pm

    And we’ll be signing the first issue of DEAD LETTERS (including Ibrahim’s ECCC variant) together at the Boom! booth (on the Sky Bridge) at the following times:

    Saturday 1:45 - 2:45pm

    Sunday 2 - 3pm

    Come by and say hey, we want to meet you.

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    Besides being at my table (C-15), where I’ll have prints, buttons, printed copies of HIGH CRIMES #1-3 and books like...
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